How to pass Verbal Reasoning Test without Cheating!

In my second year at university I made 16 internship applications.
If you’ve ever done an application you will know how time-consuming and painstakingly tedious they are!

However the WORST thing was that I kept failing the VERBAL REASONING tests!!!

I kept messing up between FALSE and CANNOT SAY.

Which made all the hours spent on the application form totally wasted!

I was desperate to find a solution. And I was NOT WILLING to cheat by getting help from friends.

I figured that I probably needed to practice a lot more. They say practice makes perfect!

So I bought a package containing practice tests for £120
and I started working through the 20 practice tests.

This was the turning point.

What I learnt is that there is a SIMPLE mental trick to getting every single question right!

The Trick:

Imagine you are testing a child’s comprehension.
Imagine you are trying to trick them to see whether they truly understood the passage.

TRUE: you can prove the statement from the text. You can pin point the EVIDENCE.

FALSE: you can find a CONTRADICTION and can pin point EVIDENCE to prove this statement wrong

CANNOT SAY: impossible to determine this statement from the passage alone– NEED FURTHER INFO.


I also want to share to CRITICAL TIPS.

Top Tip No1:


Don’t bother reading the text Passage. Go straight to the question and look for key words which you can use to scan the passage to help you locate the relevant text. Then look for the evidence!

What most people do is waste 30-60 seconds reading the passage first. I consider it a waste of time because they still have to go through the whole process of looking for key words to locate the relevant text an then see if the answer is TRUE, FALSE or CANNOT SAY.

You can save 30-60seconds per question by skipping straight to the question!

Top Tip No.2:


Keep practicing you comfortably get 80-90% in the practice tests.

Remember that if you don’t pass these tests, firstly you have wasted an application, secondly you have made the hours spent on the application form absolutely pointless.

Be smart 🙂

The best package I recommend is the same one as the one I bought in my second year.

It is now only £35 instead of £120!!!

Click here to see info about the package (there are different ones depending on what you need. The £35 one is best value for money)

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